Billy Idol guitarist Billy Morrison has set October 23 as the release date for his second solo album, GOD SHAPED HOLE. For this new studio album, Morrison is joined by Idol bandmates Steve Stevens and Erik Eldenius, as well as Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro and rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, who sings a brand new track written by himself and Morrison.

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Billy Morrison - God Shaped Hole

Track listing:
Goodbye Jimmy Dean (Boys Wonder)
Baby Hurricane (Flesh For Lulu)
Cinnamon Gin
Alone In A Crowd
Housewife (Wasted Youth–The U.K. Band, Not The U.S. Band)
Hold It Down (Senseless Things)
You Are In My Vision (Gary Numan And Tubeway Army)
Ordinary Girl
Gods (featuring Ozzy Osbourne)