Steve Stevens


David Von Bader, Broward/Palm Beach New Times, Sept 18, 2015:
Among the copious guitar heroes the 1980s gave us, Steve Stevens — best-known as Billy Idol’s capo and lead collaborator — remains in a class of his own. By Idol’s own admission, Stevens’ eclectic fretboard pyrotechnics and deft sense of arrangement were the emulsifying agents that helped make Idol’s

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Steve Stevens


Robert Cavuoto, Guitar International, June 21 2015:
Not many guitar players can flawlessly cross as many musical boundaries as Steve Stevens has done in his career. His prolific and innovative playing has changed the face of music, and together with Billy Idol, they helped revolutionizing a new genre of music.

Whether you consider their brand of music; New Wave, dance rock, or rock n’ roll they rode the crest to become MTV staples and musical icons.

Guitar players around the globe scratched their heads trying to duplicate Steve’s unique sound, asking “Was it a guitar, synth, keyboard or all of the above?”

Being a self-proclaimed techno head, Steve has emerged as a quintessential force, capable of magically and successfully marrying it all altogether without sacrificing the main objective – making great music!

A true “orchestrator” as he likes to say.

With his extraordinary stage charisma, leather outfits, long spikey hair, and amazing chops he caught the attention of hard rock & metal fans.

It was apparent that Steve was not content with conquering just one genre of music and took his unique playing technique and versatility to new heights, playing with such musical legends as Michael Jackson, Vince Neil, Robert Palmer and Joni Mitchell.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with a Steve to talk about

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Knaggs Guitars - Steve Stevens SSII


Grammy-Award winning virtuoso and long time Billy Idol collaborator Steve Stevens and Knaggs Guitars proudly announce the Steve Stevens Signature model SS2. Tailored to Steve’s specs and preferences, it will accompany the legendary guitarist on Billy Idol’s 2015 World tour.

Limited to only 100 instruments in 3 available colors (Red Sparkle, Cream and Black) the SS2 features a Mahogany body with

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Steve Stevens - Guitar Player Magazine


Steve Stevens graces the cover of the latest (January, 2015) issue of Guitar Plater Magazine with the feature story “How Punk, Electronica and an Adventurous Spirit Forged the Billy Idol Sound”. Available on newstands now and for purchase online here.

“In the January 2015 issue of Guitar Player, Billy Idol’s sonic superhero Steve Stevens discusses the gear, tones, chops and attitude that go into everything he does, including the latest record. Plus Idol himself talks about his longtime 6-string foil and his creative process.”

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Knaggs Guitars will introduce the Steve Stevens Signature Model at The NAMM Show, Winter 2015. Tailored to Steve’s specs and preferences, the Steve Stevens Signature model SS2 will accompany him on Billy Idol’s 2015 world tour.

Limited to 100 instruments in three colors (Red Sparkle, Cream and Black), the SS2 features a mahogany body with carved maple top, custom SS neck carve, rosewood finger board with mother of pearl inlays, Ray gun head stock inlay and Signature Bare Knuckle pickups with engraved Ray guns not available in any other guitar.

Each instrument comes with an exclusive

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Steve Stevens


Steve Stevens talk to Premier Guitar about his work on the new Billy Idol album, Kings & Queens of the Underground, developing his signature style and tons more.

Premier Guitar: How’d you go from playing on the beach and in garages to working with Billy Idol?
Steve Stevens: By the early 1980s, I was living in New York City and playing in a band called the Fine Malibus. Bill Aucoin, who was also Kiss’ manager, managed us. But things weren’t really happening for us. So at one point I got a call to go to a meeting with Billy Idol, who was ready to put something together in the United States. At that time I hadn’t met any real rock stars, and it was exciting to be

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